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The theological legacy of Elder Sophronios

Elder Sophronios is a spiritual event for our time and his work recapitulates the philological tradition of our Church. His word is prophetic, bears the seal of eternal truth and graciously informs the hearts of believers.

This book by Father Nikolaos is an excellent approach to the work of the elder Sophronios. He relates the Elder's theology to many of the religious and philosophical currents of the modern world, with which he came into contact during his long life. He points out the external relationships and affinities with other theological books of the same era, but at the same time he distinguishes the incomparable inner experience that lies at the basis of the Elder's work.

As the elder Sophronios characteristically notes in his speech, all his knowledge and prudence is Christ, who became his life. Just six weeks before his death, the Elder, standing in front of the tomb where he was to be buried, with a coherent heart, responded to the provocative praise of a holy spiritual: "I do not know. I only know one thing, that in me I see only Christ."

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