The speeches of Xanthi

Yeftits p. Athanasios

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[...] These speeches include a variety of topics that, one might say, arose from the given events of the time and Belgrade, where, around 1980-81, we had several discussions about Dostoyevsky, from religion and philosophy, and from paternal issues. This is reflected in my writings and speeches at the time. Frequenting Greece then, I was invited to speak, primarily in Xanthi, but also in Thessaloniki and Kozani, even in Ioannina. These speeches are summarized on the subject of man - God, with Christ as the center of both. And the relevance around them is of course philosophy and humanism. [...]

The speeches in this volume are somewhat popularized and simplified, but I think they talk about essential things, such as the so-called humanism (humanism), which Fr. Justin Popovich, a saint of the Church today, criticized; but as observed by the then lay Ioannis Zizioulas, now metropolitan of Pergamum, Fr. Iustinos criticized Eurohumanism, because it had a broader, higher humanism, which he called theohumanism. [...] (From the preface of the publication)

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