Orthodox approaches to bioethical dilemmas

Brek p. Ioannis

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The harmonization of faith and life is a constant task for every Church, every place and time. It entails constant self-examination and reorientation of our lives, thoughts and actions, through the prism of the sacramental life. The field of ethics, according to the Christian perspective, concerns precisely this connection of faith and life. It is the application of revealed truth to situations - often complex and unclear - of our daily lives. And this connection is not always obvious or easy. It's another thing to apply "No Stealing" to your workplace. But how do you apply Christian Anthropology in the case where a relative suffers from Alzheimer's disease and needs a respirator to keep her alive? How do you enter such a charged debate as that surrounding stem cell research and human embryo cloning? And finally, how to live a life that reflects the image of God, in a world that is increasingly devising sophisticated means of dehumanizing it?

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