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The publication of the Epistle of Sophronios Efstratiados, Metropolitan pr., was received with very favorable comments. Leontopoleos, in 1932 in Paris from the circles of Byzantinologists. For the first time, those involved in Byzantine studies and especially those who specialized in Hymnography had a valuable aid at their disposal, which offered them almost all the verses of the canons published in verse. In the same work, for the first time, the authorship of the poems was attributed, presumptively correctly, to their respective poets. This was the reason why the book was soon awarded by the Association for the Promotion of Greek Studies in Paris. However, the small number of copies and the high demand of the book soon made it rare, with the result that today the owners of its few copies are considered lucky and researchers find it only in large libraries. In addition, to date, no other similar work has been published that is more complete than the one that could replace it. Therefore, the publishers of hymnographic texts and especially rules are obliged to always refer to it. Following the above, we deemed it useful and necessary to republish the Eirmologion, believing that this will help Byzantine scholars, especially those dealing with hymnography. We believe that the Irmologio will be useful for those more broadly involved in church poetry, philologists, theologians, musicologists, chanters and every educated believer. In this edition, the text of the late author is exactly reproduced, freed - as far as possible - of the errors, which, due to blindness or typographical negligence, entered the first edition. In addition, an effort was made to better present the form of the work.

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