KNOWLEDGE AND TRUTHS - Dr. Grigoris Vasiliadis - Physical Presence - Sat 11:30am

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Dr. Grigoris Vasiliadis

Round of 3 talks:

Saturday, December 2, 2023,

Saturday 13 January 2024,

and Saturday, February 24, 2024


at En Plo Bookstore (6-10 Charilaou Trikoupi, Athens, Atrium Shopping Center)

In this series of talks, using the reading of psychotherapeutic texts, our reflection and our interaction, we will approach existential issues that most of us, although we are thirsty for answers, at the same time avoid confronting them in our daily lives.

· The fear of life and the desire of Death, as a tug-of-war of conflict and hope

· The erotic dimension as a reading of unconscious desire

· The politics of digital technology as an antidote to autocognitive inquiry

· Self-disclosure as an investment in recovering lost time and the unknown self

· Loneliness as an opportunity for self-discovery

· Psychopathology as an opportunity for ontological resurrection

· The Christian faith as a healing path, as a method of deepening into our unconscious and ultimate self.

Dr. Grigoris Vasiliadis is a husband and father of two children. He is excited about the possibilities of the psychospiritual reach of human nature and soul, the discovery and revelation of the depths of our inner shadow. He has been practicing the profession of clinical psychologist - psychotherapist in the private sector for 26 consecutive years. Since 2002 he lives and works privately as a psychologist - psychotherapist in the center of Athens.

He studied psychology at undergraduate and postgraduate level in state-recognized universities in Greece, the Netherlands, and Great Britain (Number of Act of Recognition of the Master's Diploma of Specialization by DI.K.A.T.S.A.: 250/1264- 10/12/97).

In 2005 he obtained a PhD in Psychology from the psychology department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (APTH). He was an instructor in undergraduate and graduate level study programs in counseling and psychotherapy, a lecturer at scientific seminars and scientific conferences on psychotherapy and counseling, in Greece (Athens) and in Europe.

The psychologist Dr. Vassiliadis is in continuous psychotherapeutic training and supervision, while intensively participating in experiential autocognitive processes of a systemic, existential, and cognitive direction. He is also a lecturer of Seminars in many public and private mental health educational & clinical institutions.

His scientific and research interests in the field of psychotherapy are found in the applications of depth psychology in therapeutic practice, the relationship between religion and psychotherapy, and in the ways in which the moral ethics of psychologists is linked to the effectiveness of psychotherapy practice.

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