Prayer and the meaning of silence

Ware p. Kallistos

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He was a hawk who used to spend a lot of time in the church every day. His friends asked him.

"What are you doing;".
"I pray," he said.
"You should have a lot to ask God for."
"I ask nothing of God."
"And what are you doing so many hours in church?"
And the old man replied: "I just sit and look at Him. And God is looking at me."
At the age of twelve, this definition of prayer seemed rather good to me. I just sit and look at God and He looks at me. Praying doesn't necessarily mean asking for things, although it can be that too. Nor does it mean that I necessarily use words. Basically, prayer means "God awareness."
Saint Gregory of Nyssa speaks of prayer in the sense of presence. Awareness of God. I realize that I am in God and God is in me. And that wraps it all up. That is why the Apostle says: "Pray without ceasing." It is something that is inherent in everything else I do – a sense that God is with us. Thus, prayer is not a separate activity, but something that can be woven into our whole life.

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