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I made these pomegranates, with their sweet load, to remind us of the small joys hidden in our lives, the meaning of relationship, love and abundance. Let's give ourselves the chance of love every day! There is ugliness in the world. But there is also infinite beauty, like when you open a pomegranate and see this rare color. With the wish not to lose sight of the beautiful things in the world and to enjoy everything. The breeze that blows, the leaf that falls, the smile of a child, a hug and so much more that one page is not enough to fit them. They say that the seeds of the pomegranate are 365, as many days as the year. Let there be as many possibilities of happiness and fulfillment, which will be nourished by the juices of gratitude and hope for a better world for a rosy life.
Dimitra Psychogyou

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ISBN: 978-960-619-126-8

Αριθμός σελίδων: 28

Διαστάσεις: 29.7 x 29.7

Εικονογράφος: Dimitra Psychogiou