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In the parts of the planet where we live, it has become established, on the occasion of Christmas, that people claim a break of euphoria, without knowing why. They exchange greetings and compliments of "Happy Birthday", and "Merry Christmas", without reference to the cause, more and more often distorting it... Of course, the anniversary remains: Every year Christ is born - this is how it is defined in the world calendar. For most, the holiday is annual, and like any holiday, it is an established habit and a measure of life, which runs out: This explains why many see the Christmas and New Year holidays as an annoying vanity and a parenthesis of sadness - and erase their misery on the spree. In the Christmas Calendar readers will find a small collection of topical texts for all the days of Christmas Lent and the Twelve Days. An opportunity to increase the hope and anticipation of the Lord, an opportunity to utter our call to Him in a less and less imperfect way: "Come, Lord Jesus!" The texts come from the works of the Fathers of the Church as well as many other authors: among them Alexandros Schmemann, Fr. Lev Zile, Pearl Bak, Kostas Varnalis, Tasos Livaditis, Fotis Kontoglou.

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