Saint Siluanos and the hope of the Kingdom.

Egger p. Maximos

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Keeping the mind in Hades is an invitation to dive into the darkest abysses of our being; an invitation to strip our soul and expose it to the rays of divine love. This descent is a way of participating in the battle that Christ waged in the wilderness against the temptations of Satan; a way of participating in the climax of His emptying, which is His descent into Hades. For surely only with Him can we penetrate without danger into the darkness of our existence - to His life-giving and resurrecting Light we must expose our soul.

We are here at the heart of the paradox of the Christian experience, where you must die as an old man to rise as a new Man; to pass through Hades to enter the Kingdom; to be humbled to be raised; to be emptied of your ego to be paid by the Holy Spirit...

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ISBN: 978-960-6719-51-6

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Εικονογράφος: Egger p. Maximos