Adamis Dimitris

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This Big Little One (3-10 Years)

Once upon a time, in a lovely little village, there lived a couple of peasants who had no child. But they had a donkey, whose name was Louis and he was very capricious.
They fed him, watered him, even sent him to school. Once, the god heard their prayers and gave them a child.
A very small child inside a loaf of bread! They called it Sito Sitaraki.

Sitos goes to school, he also goes to school, but it's only eight points! Everyone in the village comments on him about it. So he decides to travel to see the world, but also to prove his worth to everyone. And the Journey first.
Situ's "Odyssey" has everything: trains, ships, storms, riddles, camels, robbers, kings, princesses, witches and a rather peculiar donkey. He meets people from different countries and nationalities, he reaches the edge of the world.
Among the many jobs that Sitos does, he also becomes a librarian.

Inside a book of fairy tales, he meets his beloved who is imprisoned in the Palace of Tears by the Dark Witch. He begins to look for her in the Forest of Fireflies, where he will be faced with the trials that the Witch will set him.

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ISBN: 978-960-6719-52-3

Αριθμός σελίδων: 48

Διαστάσεις: 21X29

Εικονογράφος: Alexandros Koboyorgas