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Piraeus Street through the ages. Facts and legends, traditions and culture, follow this unique route that connects Athens with its port, Piraeus, and from there they travel around the world. The author, with his brilliant fictional skill, brings to life myths and stories of two and a half thousand years of Hellenism, accompanies history, traces its traces on a road, which transforms incessantly and at the same time remains the same, just as the soul of this place is the same . In times of exaltation we see him full of majesty. In the years of abandonment and solitude, we find him muddy, grassy, ​​with factories blackening the sky, wars and occupations plundering his nobility. Athens - Piraeus, Piraeus - Athens: a route similar to human destiny. Piraeus Street: our embodied soul. A book of memory and nostalgia. A delightful, lively narrative that will deeply move readers of all ages.