Apprenticeship in the Gospel according to Mark.

Bloom p. Antonios

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In our time, it is of great importance to overcome the limited relationship we have with nature and to return to the way of coexistence that Christ inaugurates with it, with its beauty, with the meaning that it contains. Considering it, we should not think exclusively of the benefit that we will potentially derive from its exploitation nor of the dangers with which it itself may threaten us. We can see that nature has been created not only to reveal perfect beauty, but also so that, at a future time, after it has been freed from the yoke of sin imposed on it by man, it can become part of the Kingdom of God , when He will be "all in all" (1 Cor .15,28). The Apostle Paul mentions somewhere that "the whole creation waits with longing for the glory of the children of God to be revealed" (Rom. 8.19). All creation, all earth, all heaven, all creation yearn for the day when man will return to God and have the ability to lead all creation into the bosom of God. Then the deified man, i.e. a creation in which God lives and whose roots start from God, will know how to bring all creation back into the bosom of divine life, as a shepherd leads his flock. And this is our calling.

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