Triantafyllidou Sunday

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Catechism aid

- 28 topics about Christ and life in the Church

- Easy constructions with simple materials

- Supporting material with photos, sketches and patterns for live presentation

This book aims to bring some people and stories of the Holy Bible as well as some Saints close to the children. It is a practical aid for catechists, parents, kindergarten teachers, and teachers dealing with children of preschool and first school age. Its originality lies in the fact that all subjects are accompanied by constructions and activities directly related to the persons and concepts presented each time. Thus learning is mastered in an experiential and enjoyable way. We paid special attention to making the constructions easy for small children, but also with simple and cheap materials. We have also tried to offer the educator as much 'ready-made' material as possible with questions that promote discussion and consolidation, but also with visual means for representation and provoking interest. We hope to help the children to feel the Church as a hug, where they will hear something beautiful - that they can understand - they will laugh, talk, get dirty playing... And in the meantime, pray, love God and others ...

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ISBN: 978-960-6719-78-3

Αριθμός σελίδων: 176

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