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ROADS of holiness

The presentation of the book by doctor Stefanos Dimopoulos, " Paths of Holiness, The Elder Epiphanios Theodoropoulos and the spiritual world of "Kecharitomeni ", in the event hall of the Atrium shopping center, took place with particular success on Monday, June 6 .

During the event, the educator and well-known radio producer Mr. Georgios Barlas, who has also prefaced the publication, spoke first. He particularly referred to the person of the author of the book and his "investigative" look-approach to persons of known holiness in our Church.

Afterwards, the author himself spoke, highlighting some "anecdotal" incidents from the life of the saintly elder Epiphanios Theodoropoulos and referring to the details of this publishing project, as well as the purpose of highlighting the important personality of this holy man and his spiritual legacy .

The main speaker of the evening was the saintly Professor of the I. Simonos Petra Monastery of Mount Athos Gerontas Elisios. During his thorough presentation, he highlighted the presented emotion, illuminating aspects of Elder Epiphanios' personality. He referred to the personal experiences of himself and his generation from the blessed Father Epiphanius, the importance of his personality for the issues of the Church and the "generation of ᾽60", the spiritual personalities that shaped the personality of Father Epiphanius such as: Fr. He emphasized some characteristic features of the theology and orthopraxy of the Elder such as the asceticism of life, the complete renunciation of material goods, worldly pursuits or even noble ambitions, hope, joy, discernment, precision and economy in the interpretation of the Gospel reason and the Rules of the Church and finally the dedication to the good yoke of the Lord and to the cross-resurrection course that He reserves for those who freely accept and follow Him.