Sunday, May 29, at 7:30pm

On May 29 , the day of the Alosion of the City, the day of an end and a beginning, we are hosting in our Library the main contributor to the new edition of Gyftopoulas, by A. Papadiamantis, from Domos/Ἐν Πλῷ publications, Athens 2021, "ours Angelo Kalogeropoulos, poet, writer, philologist and Principal of the 1st Gymnasium of Nea Makris.

The book is a dialogue between the introduction by A. Kalogeropoulos and the novel itself by Papadiamantis, while the notes and editing of the text are his own.

This latest novel by A. Papadiamantis takes place on the eve of Alosia, where, as the author emphasizes, "Constantinople is only a memory and no longer a hope".

With him is Vangelis Stavropoulos , PhD in History of Law and Institutions, another one of our "people", Stratis Hatjistamatiou, who will read excerpts from the book and Sylvia Koutroulis who will delight us with her nai.

ASNB Library "I Proodos", Chrysostomou Smyrni 1, Neos Voutzas

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