For the dark nights of the soul - Rowan Williams

Speech given in 2014 Sheffield (2014 Sheffield Diocesan Development Day)


0:00 When we feel meteoric and at a dead end...
0:54 The experience of wilderness among the "greats" of the Christian faith.
5:34 "The dark night of the soul" and the analysis of St. John of the Cross.
8:01 "Handholds" for difficult times: the importance of the daily prayer rule.
11:36 John Chapman's two tips on prayer.
13:14 The perspective of the Body of Christ: we are not alone!
17:25 The promise: in the end there is the true God, not our own images of Him.

Editing of Greek subtitles: Christos Makropoulos

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Rowan Williams was born in 1950 in Swansea, Wales. At the age of 36, he was already Professor of Theology at Oxford University. At the same time, he was ordained a priest and, in 1991, bishop of Monmouth, in the Church of Wales. In 1999 he was elected Archbishop of Wales, and in 2002 Archbishop of Canterbury. He remained in this position for a decade, when he voluntarily resigned, in December 2012. In 2013, he returned to his university activity, as dean (master) at Mandalin College, University of Cambridge, a position he holds until today.

Two books by Rowan Williams are published by En Plo publications:

1. AT THE SIDE OF AN INNOCENT Christ's trial and ours

2. THE SECRET OF THE DESERT Does Gerontiko have anything to say today?

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