Saint Porphyrios Kaufsokalyvitis

Instead of another biography, we quote the spiritual testament of the Holy Elder, as written by him:

My dear spiritual children,

Now that I still have my brakes intact I want to give you some advice. Since I was a small child, I was always in sins. And when my mother sent me to look after the animals on the mountain, because my father, because we were poor, had gone to America to work in the Panama Canal for us, his children, there, where I was herding the animals, I literally read life of Saint John of Kalyvitos and I loved Saint John very much and I prayed a lot as a small child when I was 12-15 years old, I don't remember exactly well, and wanting to imitate him with a lot of effort I left my parents secretly and came to Kausokalyvia of the Holy Land and I submitted to two old brothers, Panteleimon and Ioannikios. It happened to me that they were very pious and virtuous and I loved them very much and therefore, with their wish, I made them extremely obedient.

This helped me a lot, I also felt great love for God, and I had a great time. But, by the grace of God, because of my sins, I became very ill and my Elders told me to go to my parents in my village in Saint John of Evia.

And while I had committed many sins since I was a small child, when I returned to the world, I continued the sins, which until today have become too many.

However, the world took me kindly and everyone shouts that I am a saint. But I feel that I am the most sinful person in the world.

Of course, I confessed what I remembered, but I know that God forgave me for what I confessed, but now I have a feeling that my spiritual sins are also too many and I am asking those of you who have known me to pray for me, because I too, when When I was alive, I very humbly prayed for you, but now that I am going to heaven I have the feeling that God will say to me: What do you want here? I have something to tell him.

I am not worthy, Lord, for this, but what your love wants, let it be done for me. From there on, I don't know what will happen.

However, I wish that the love of God would act. And I always wish my spiritual children to love God, who is everything, so that He deserves us to enter His earthly uncreated church. Because this is where we have to start.

I have always tried to pray and read the hymns of the Church, the Holy Bible and the lives of our Saints, and I hope you do the same. I tried with the Grace of God to draw him closer to God and I wish you to do the same.

I beg you all to forgive me for upsetting you.
Hieromonk Porphyrios
In Kausokalyvioi on 4/7 June 1991

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