Angeliki Mastromihalaki

THE Angeliki Mastromihalaki was born in Chios, is married and the mother of two children. He studied Pedagogy, Psychology, Philosophy. He holds a PhD in Philosophy. She works in public education as a principal in a Primary school. She is an active member of the Women's Literary Society and the Greek Children's Book Circle, which is the Greek section of the International Board on Books for Young People. He has participated in research programs and International Conferences concerning Education - Teaching and Practice in the School Classroom, Reading, Innovative Actions at School, new forms of teaching, literature and children's books. He has been included in the Register of Trainers of the "Innovative Actions to Enhance Students' Literacy" program and has undertaken educational work at Primary and Secondary Education teacher training days to promote children's books in education. He has published 12 books for children, literary, knowledge and school books for the Primary school. In addition, he has participated in 16 collective volumes of literary and scientific texts. He writes articles and chapters in books on the topics: Children, Family and Education, from 1993 until today. She often meets her readers in schools, parishes and book festivals throughout Greece, Cyprus and Europe. He maintains the website with themes of reading, family and education.

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