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This short issue was written on the occasion of the recent corona virus pandemic, as a fruit of support for our various winterized fellow human beings. It was written with the hope that it will strengthen and comfort the brothers in Christ, showing how to deal with the problem from the spiritual side.
It is very important to understand what all the holy Fathers emphasize, that is, behind every physical evil is sin, because it disrupts man's relationship with God and, consequently, with creation. Our salvation, therefore, in any case lies first of all in repentance. With repentance and prayer we will restore our relationship with God, we will feel true peace and security.

With the repentance of all of us, the present pandemic will also be dealt with effectively. In the pages of the book we see - through the texts of the God-fearing Fathers - what it is like to deal with sorrows and death by the believer, and how faith is the support in all difficulties.
We also discover what the fear of God is, and how it not only dispels the other fears that afflict modern man, but is also the basis of spiritual life, leading the believer to love and to God himself.
At the end, a prayer appendix is ​​listed, as an aid for the faithful to contribute with their prayer to the present trial.