Adamis Dimitris

He was born in Giannitsa Pella. Graduate of the Drama School "P. Veaki". He attended theater directing and theater acting seminars. He collaborated as an actor with troupes such as: National Theatre, DIPETHE of Agrini and Kalamata, Theorisi, Airship, Ark Theater and others, in works such as "Wasps" by Aristophanes, "The Circle with Chalk" by Brecht, "Permissives" by Menandros, " Satyrs Tracers" by Sophocles, "Gulliver", "Odyssey", "Love and the Three Oranges", "The Tsar with the Long Beard", "Snow White and the Seven Tall ... Dwarfs". He collaborated with directors such as: K. Farmasonis, G. Hatzidakis, N. Kamtsis, V. Seilinos, K. Rouggeri. His texts were performed in DIPETHE Agrini's review "Kufetto in the Fog". He worked in radio as a producer of comedy shows. He is a founding member of the "Frontiers Group".

He has edited music for television series and theater performances. He has written lyrics and texts on the CDs for children: "The Party of the Animals", "Lullabies", "The Song of the Mermaid" with music by N. Zenebisi. He teaches children's play in private and public schools as well as in other institutions. He writes and directs plays for children, in recent years exclusively with the group of animators "magic spins". In May 2004 he directed, following an order from the publishing house ELLINIKA GRAMMATA, theatrical acts based on books by Evgenios Trivizas. With the "magic spins" he took over the direction of a play on the theme of Aesop's Fables as part of the Olympiad in Athens in 2004.

Since 2003 he writes and directs plays for children:

In 2003 "This Big Small Wheat Sitarakis" at Polychoro ATHINAIS and the following year at DIPETHE Kozani in a co-production with the magical svoures and in the summer of 2004 on a summer tour. In 2004 "Amelia, the Fairy of the Stars", in 2005 "Windmills for Windy-minded Travelers", in 2006 he adapted George Orwell's "Animal Farm", in 2007 "Wooden Doll", in 2008 in repetition "That Wheatear the big little one", in 2009 "Augerinos and Pullia", in 2010 "The Amazing Journey of Nils Holgersson" by Selma Lagerlev, in 2011 "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare, all at the Athens Theater. In 2012 "The Tale of Alexander the Great", in 2013 "Don Quixote", in 2014 "The Little Prince", in 2015 "Pinocchio", in 2016 "Alice in Wonderland", in 2017 "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare, in 2018 "Peter Pan" and in 2019 "Chickens" at the Athena theater. His works are also presented in other theaters such as the Avlaia Theater in Thessaloniki.

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