Archimandrite of Ananias Koustenis

The iconic Father Ananias Koustenis has passed away - ORTHODOXIA INFO

Archimandrite Ananias Koustenis (Karkalou Arkadias, February 15, 1945 - Athens, May 15, 2021) was a Greek writer and translator whose work covers issues of Hellenism and Orthodoxy in our time.

He was a graduate of the Dimitsana High School (1964), the Church School of Kalamata (1964-1966), a graduate of the Theological School of the University of Athens (1974-1979) and then the Philosophy School of the same University (1979-1983).

He lived most of the years, from 1982 until his death, in Athens, as the hermit and ascetic of the Exarchia. It has been the brainchild of Saint Porphyrios since 1980.

He served as deacon (ordination February 1, 1967) and elder (ordination February 1, 1971) and secretary in the Dimitsani Diocese until 1979, and later as archimandrite and preacher in the Diocese of Thebes and Levadea, as well as in the Archdiocese of Athens from 2011 until his death of, in Agios Andreas Ano Petralona. He worked and preached for almost 40 years at the Foundation of Agios Nektarios in Exarchia, in Athens, on Isauron Street.

His speeches were broadcast on radio broadcasts of the Radio Station of the Church of Greece and the Station of the Piraeus Church. At the same time, they were broadcast all over the world.