Missionary letters of Saint Nikolaos Velimirovich (volume a).

Velimirovic Agios Nikolaos

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"Thus I write to you, not to attract you to the solitary life, but rather to dissuade you from it. For if with a wavering spirit you turn away from the world, the longing for the world will grow stronger in you and, I fear, overwhelm you. And you will be with the body in the monastery and with the soul in the world.And the world tortures more in the mirror of the soul than in reality.

Thank God, who, in addition to the narrow path of the monks, also showed a slightly wider path to salvation and eternal life. Start, daughter, on that wider road, Which is more fitting to its slope. Start this way, but again with the fear of God and entirely with trust in God. Since, you know, even this easiest path without God cannot stand..."

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