Venetoulias Giorgis

Giorgis Venetoulias comes from Kythnos. He studied at the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens. As a child, a primary school student, he began to record folkloric elements of his island.

His works are: "Tales of Kythnos", "Folk Tales of the Cyclades", "Kythnos of yesterday", an album of old photographs, "Ten traditions from the Land of Kythnos", legends from the capital of the island, "The songs of Kythnos ", collection of folk songs, "The Ceramics of Kythnos", "My island", album with traditions of Kythnos.
Edited the edition of digital discs (cd): "To the full moon" - goals and songs of Kythnos, "Golden tree" - wedding songs and goals of Kythnos, "Friends when they get together" - island songs with Panagiotis Laleza. He also published historical documents about Kythnos, which he found during his historical research in state archives: "Historical documents for the monastery of Panagia Nikos", "Historical documents for the monastery of Panagia Kanala" etc.

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