Volkov Vladimir

Vladimir Volkov, French by nationality, Russian by origin, Christian Orthodox by religion, was born in 1932 in France, where he died in 2005. His parents were Russian immigrants, anti-Soviet in opinion (he was a distant nephew of the composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky).
He studied at the Sorbonne and Liège and spoke French, English and Russian fluently. He served in the Intelligence Service of the French army during the Algerian War (1954-1962), which taught him first-hand how war is waged both in the invisible shadows of diplomacy and on the battlefield. This knowledge will serve him later in the spy novels, which he will publish with great success.
After his demobilization from the ranks of the French army, he will immigrate to America for thirty years, where he will work as a translator and teacher of French and Russian. At the same time, he starts publishing his first novels in America. In 1982 he was awarded by the French Academy with the great novel prize for his work Le montage.
He returns to France in 1992 and will live there until his death.
He has written numerous novels with imaginative plots, drawn from the bowels of espionage and the Cold War. But also what characterizes his works is the deep metaphysical breath and his great love for Orthodoxy.
His other works: "L'Agent triple" (1962), "Métro pour l'enfer" (1963), "Les Mousquetaires de la République" (1964), "Vers une métrique française" (1977), "Le retournement" (1979), "Les humeurs de la mer" (1980), "Le professeur d'histoire" (1985), "Le Bouclage" (1990). He has also written historical works, plays and biographies.

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