Nick Vušić

Millions of people around the world recognize Nick Vušić's smiling face and inspirational messages. Although he was born without arms and legs, Nick didn't let his physique keep him from a life full of enjoyable adventures, a career full of meaning and purpose, and a whole lot of interpersonal love. Nick overcame challenges and hardships, focusing on the thought that his life has value and is a gift to others, and that even if he encounters difficulties, God will always be by his side and keep control of the course in His own hands of. Nick attributes his success to the power that is unleashed when we decide to put our faith into action!

30-year-old Nick Vušić, who was born without limbs, has become known around the world as a charismatic speaker. He inspires millions of listeners in theaters, stadiums, schools, orphanages and prisons around the world. Founder of the non-profit organization "Life without Limbs", based in California, USA, he helps with his action more than 10 charities. People wonder how Vušić does all this without using arms and legs. With videos posted on YouTube he shows how he manages simple everyday tasks like combing his hair or brushing his teeth. He once spoke to more than 100,000 people in India, 18,000 in a bullring in Colombia, and 8,000 during a storm in Ukraine. At the age of 8, Vušić became depressed. He saw himself as a burden to others. He realized that he would be unlikely to go to college, have a wife, or even hug his children. He tried to kill himself. But at the age of 13, he was inspired by the story of a man who overcame his disabilities, and began to be grateful for his family and health.

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