Giannoulatos Anastasios, Archbishop of Albania

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My firm conviction, which I have often repeated in recent decades, is that: the "one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church", to which we belong, does not live exclusively for itself. All that he is, all that he possesses, all that he offers, is intended for the whole of humanity, for the upliftment and renewal of the world. That is why he must be alert, watch, monitor the course and evolution of the universe, study the signs of the times. So that he is able to bear witness to the Gospel and share with all people the gifts of God: truth, love, peace, justice, redemption, the experience of the Cross and Resurrection with the expectation of eternity .

Within this perspective, the Orthodox conscience cannot remain indifferent to social becoming, to spiritual fermentations that affect the human race. Those who hold responsible positions in the Church, but also its conscious members in general, are called to be vigilant. Christ's exhortation to "make haste" (Matthew 26:38-41; Mark 13:35-37) is very timely. They must participate in the investigation of contemporary conditions and with a critical, consoling, guiding speech, contribute to the correct treatment of emerging problems. Vigilance is the duty of the Orthodox.

The texts included in this collection seek to express an Orthodox point of view on critical contemporary issues. These are presentations and speeches at Orthodox, inter-Christian, inter-religious Assemblies, Conferences, held in various cities (Belgrade, Bucharest, Porto Alegre of Brazil, Athens, Lyon, Kolymbari of Crete, Tirana). The topics covered are of more general interest, such as: Orthodoxy in the third millennium; Relations of Orthodoxy with the positive sciences; Orthodox Unity and Mission; Orthodox contribution to world issues; Contribution of Christianity to European culture; Balkan coexistence; Search for basic life values; Metamorphosis of the world; Multireligious Europe and Orthodoxy; We dare to hope; Economic crisis; Persecution and martyrdom of Christians; World peace. Also, texts are published for the Holy and Great Synod of the Orthodox Churches and as an Epimeter its official Message - a current symbol of the Orthodox's awakening".

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