Ware p. Kallistos

The Bishop of Diokleia Mr. Kallistos Ware, one of the most important ecclesiastical and theological personalities of our time, was born in Bath, England in 1934 with the name Timothy Ware. He studied ancient Greek, Latin, philosophy and theology at Oxford. An Anglican by birth and upbringing, he first came into contact with Orthodoxy in 1952, fascinated by the Orthodox liturgy and the tradition of mystical theology.
He was accepted into the Orthodox Church at Easter 1958, while in 1965 he was ordained a deacon; the same year he became a monk at the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian in Patmos. Returning to Oxford, he assumed the duties of a vicar in the Greek Orthodox parish, while at the same time he was elected a Lecturer in the Department of Orthodox Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford. In 1970 he became a member of Pebroke College in the same city.
In 1982 he was elected bishop of Diokleia by the Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the first Briton to be elected bishop of the Orthodox Church since the time of the schism!
Bishop Kallistos is the author of the books: "The Orthodox Church" (Penguin, 1963, revised edition 1993), "Eustratios Argenti: A Study of the Greek Church under Turkish Rule" (1964), [Eustratios Argentis: A study of the Greek Church under Turkish rule,] "The Orthodox Way" (1979, revised edition 1995), "The Inner Kingdom" (2000). He is the co-translator of the two Orthodox Liturgical Books, "The Festal Menaion" (1969) and "The Lenten Triodion" (1978), as well as the "Philokalia" (in progress: so far four volumes, 1979-95).

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