Dendrinou Filia

Filia Dendrinou was born and raised in Athens at a time when there were still single-family houses and two-story houses in the neighborhoods of the center. When she was little she liked to listen to fairy tales and stories from the adults and then tell them in her own way. But what really enchanted her was watching other people's stories come to life in the theater! When he grew up, he went to Paris and there he studied and did what he loved. Today, after twenty years of work, she thinks that she is very lucky to have been able to make a profession of what she loved as a child. He performs and teaches theatre, writes stories, engages in the art of oral storytelling and records, directs and tells fairy tales.

Her published books: Me note ki Grammata, ed. Aeolos, 1994 (poetry for children); Art as a Fairy Tale, ed. Livanis, 2007/2009
(series about movements-currents-great painters of the 20th century); The House, ed. En Plo, 2010; Ah ta Kamenita ta Aliasta (from the oral
tradition on the stage of the theater), published by En Plo, 2017; Me ton Grim ta mithyia, published by Sokolis, 2018 (theatre for children).

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