Melinda Tankard Reist

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This book aims to help women who are looking for higher standards of relationships to be able to discern, recognize the signs and walk away from men who consume porn. It aims for people who value closeness, connection, reciprocity, empathy and compassion to try to protect these essential qualities from being swallowed up by the global porn industry.

Pornography is the "airbag" that prevents meeting the opposite sex. Beyond short-term sexual satisfaction, her ultimate goal is not to leave the man in the adventure of love. The whole point is to remain an outside observer and regulator. In other words, pornography was invented for profit, but it is consumed as a defense against women. [...] The power of interpersonal love, as the constant fulfillment of "in the image", is our natural ally. And the beauty of the constant discovery of the other will provide the surprise that we all need in order not to resort to staging. The real world as God's gift is the scene of our life and soul, not its contrived representation, which will serve our narcissistic desires.
From the foreword by Fr. Vassiliou Thermos

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ISBN: 978-960-619-167-1

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