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Kehagioglou Christos

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Christos Kehagioglou and Sotiris Kakisis continue their En Plo course this year as well.

The new Calendar for 2024 of En Plo editions it is entitled "The Geography of Dreams".

The works of Kehagioglou for each month are again accompanied by twelve anecdotal poems of Kakisis.


Time stops and waits for me. In its emptiness all dreams are fulfilled.
Our worlds are many. It is certainly not one, but neither is it two, with its logic inside and outside. There are many more. The differences
cosmogonies speak of three, of five, of seven, of nine and if you analyze all these worlds you will find other sub-worlds that imply
an extremely multi-layered reality. In other words, man, quite simply, with his everyday experience, has always felt that his life
it was complex and multi-layered. And its truth, if there can be a truth, was the unstoppable movement, everything Heraclitus says, a
non-stop in and out, in different type and logical levels. And of course the presence of all these worlds does not necessarily mean that their
it also makes them visible. Something that cannot be seen does not mean that it does not exist.
The geography of dreams is a non-scientific exploration and mapping of the multi-layered relief of reality. The recording
on the same canvas, of what is seen, as one body, with what is not seen, the creation of a double, multiple image. The secret tool in it
the revelatory inquiry is the light. Light conceals and light reveals. It confuses, diffuses, reflects and refracts by making things
sometimes they appear clear, clear, and clear, and sometimes they get confused in multiple images, blur, become shadows. The dream with her
freedom that captures and projects reality, with its irrational way of describing and narrating, has an internal,
secret affinity with light. Everything, as easily as it can exist, can just as easily be withdrawn into oblivion, darkness and non-existence.
The geography of dreams moves precisely in this ambiguous, strange, familiar and at the same time open, multi-layered picture of the world. Is
real what we see, concrete? Possibly. The image activates everyone's imagination, creatively mixes with memories, the
experiences but also his dreams, and in his mind it is projected as something concrete. Specific, but also different for everyone.
The geography of dreams explores the world pictorially, as a field of transformations and mirages. It follows the magical breeze that it is
within us and blows freely wherever it wants. In the light, the unique doubles, multiplies and the many become one, diffuse into new
Christos Kehagioglou

and God wants nothing from the air. air seems to God to be worthless, without any significance. the air again remembers God only when it is on the most beautiful mountains, only when it blows in a sea without people at all, only when it touches the faces of unknown creatures, only when animals in the jungle joyfully meet him, welcome him. when even these then cannot tell which is air and which is God.

(From the anecdotal poetry collection of Sotiris Kakisis "The eagle lifts the air").

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