Series of Sermons of the Ecclesiastical Year

Pinakoulas p. Antonios

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The sermon is God's witness to the world and bearer of its secret. What does the secret contain? First of all, it contains what Christ is and how he differs from anyone else. The second it contains is a demand upon him who learns it: the secret must be learned by others—all men, if possible. This secret is not like other secrets, where anyone who learns them hides them so that others will not find out. Also, whoever learns this secret does not learn it as news or as information, but as the apostle Peter learned it: as a revelation from God the Father (Mt. 16,17). So, whoever finds out, it will remain a secret because the way it is revealed is a secret. No matter who knows it, it will remain unknown if everyone who knows it does not live it personally, if he does not experience it deeply with his heart.

With the publication of the third book in the series – the previous ones are the seed that fell on the road (2006) and The well and the source (2008) – a series of sermons on Sundays of the church year is completed.

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Εικονογράφος: Christos Kehagioglou

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ISBN: 978-960-9550-36-9

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