Painter Tatiana

He was born in Athens. He studied in Ioannina as a kindergarten teacher and did a master's degree in England (Reading) for Music in education. With Kostas Paschalis and Christina Giannakopoulou, he got a degree and diploma in monody (Kondaly Conservatory). She is a music teacher at Arsakeio Psychiko Kindergarten. Her songs have been sung by Nena Venetsanou, Maria Faradouri, Dionysis Savvopoulos, Tassos Apostolou, Vangelis Germanos, Irini Derebeis, Kostas Thomaidis, Alcinoos Ioannidis, Mariza Koch, Elias Liugos, Dafni Panourgia, Tassis Christogiannopoulos et al. She likes to go Flying to the city... - CD (MBI, 2004) with her Red Cat and a mandolin (En plo, 2009). He is in no hurry to grow up (Melodiko Karavi, 2007) and therefore happily sings in the Strange Forest Choir with
Krikikrik and Dzikidzik (Kaleidoscope, 2012). Her home (En plo, 2009) the hearts of the children and her heart her two daughters... In her own Secret way (Kaleidoscope, 2011).
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