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Keno Fr. Michael

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The art of iconography, a window to the Invisible and a place of Epiphany, is an ontological art that borrows its content and form from the Invisible. It is a universal art, free from any individualism. The beauty of an image constitutes a plunge into the depths of being, which are revealed and emerge into a dimension that remains unknown without the image...

The artist is hypersensitive, he looks like a speaker or a mirror, which inevitably reflects the surrounding space, which he transforms by infusing it with a new dimension. But he should not be simply a speaker, an intermediary; his task is to make visible the invisible. As an integral member of his social environment, it is up to him to give meaning to existences and objects, to transform reality...
Authentic art escapes from extraneous attachments, and when the artist exerts all his energies to unite in his art the divine and the human, the transitory and the eternal, the finite and the infinite, then he helps people to become more human. A visionary and a prophet, he thus becomes a giver of light among men...

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