The letters of Father Ioannis Krestiankin to his spiritual children (volume B´)

Krestyankin Ivan Mihailovich (f. Ioannis)

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"If tomorrow I have to appear before God's criterion and if tomorrow I have to give an answer to the question of how I lived, with what I lived, if I lived according to the spirit of God, then what is the meaning of concerns about accumulation and about buildings? But now, these are basically the only things people think about, while, according to the spirit of God, they live as units - even within the Church, even those who minister at the Holy Vima, or even the monks.

Look within yourself: does the fear of God guide our thoughts and actions? Is the love of God the basis of our existence?
Yes, dear, this stamp that our way of life puts on us daily, that we ourselves put on ourselves, on the soul, on the heart and on the mind, it is this that makes the time of the coming of the antichrist approach or recede. His own seal bears witness only to that which we have already put upon ourselves. Without us, we can neither be saved nor lost.
Television and video have even penetrated the walls of monasteries! Who will erase this seal, if we put it on ourselves willingly, with desire and love? So it is not the antichrist who will destroy us. Even before his arrival, we will determine our spiritual orientation and make a choice. The seal of the antichrist will be the last point in our choice."

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