The letters of Father Ioannis Krestiankin to his spiritual children (volume A´)

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“One thing I would like to ask you: be more careful and stricter with yourself. For the execution of all the rules do not be sad. Did you make them? Thank God! Didn't you make them? Sorry Sir! To arrange everything not only according to the requirements, but also according to how you feel yourself, physically and mentally...
We are saved by our Savior and not by our own struggles and labors. Let us surrender our little heart to the Lord and He will fill it with so much love that everyone will begin to live brightly in it!...
Remember how you started learning letters at school... He applied this method of learning to spiritual life as well. Do not rush, do not torture and do not crush yourself or your family. Always act with prudence in every circumstance of life. Also don't forget to say, "Lord, help me! Lord, help me!"
There you go, that's how you'll learn. The primary thing in this science is to learn to dominate and rule not others, but yourself.
God is love and he who abides in love abides in God. Here's all the science! Learn to love others, learn to sympathize with others and joy will settle in your mind and heart.
God's blessing be with you."