Zervas Theodoros

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This book examines education in both formal and informal learning environments, in late 19th and early 20th century Greece, and its contribution to the formation of modern Greek identity.

It is a panorama of education in the period 1880-1930, through school textbooks and buildings, folklore, children's books and magazines, songs and fairy tales, the Greek shadow theater and the painting of the time.

Why has the issue of informal learning been given so little attention by historians, educational theorists and teachers?

Why do we consider education to exist only in the modern era and within the four walls of a school classroom?

What is the best education for children today? Many argue that the era of students learning within the school environment is passing.

And if children learn more through their life experiences, should we continue to assume that a good education can only be found in school?

These are some of the issues, which the author approaches with vigor.

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