1821 at a glance

Flora Vgontza / Eleni-Filothei Kalathas

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This book briefly presents the causes, the preparation, the persons, the events (military, political and economic) from the beginning of the Revolution, in 1821, to the creation of the independent Greek state, in 1830.

This uprising was the work of the soul of our Genus. It had passion and pain, gunpowder and blood, triumph and destruction, heroism and betrayal, victory and persecution, martyrdom and glory. All this together in the fight for Freedom and a homeland without tyrants.
We are called to celebrate this homeland of "us" 200 years after 1821. Let us rejoice in the revolution, because it is this that gave us everything, our present and our future. She deserves honor and glory, we owe her not to be forgetful.
The edition includes Dionysios Solomos' poem "Hymn to Freedom" and Thurios, the poetic epic of Rigas Feraios, which inspired the fighters of 1821 and awakened the whole of Europe.

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