Kaimaki Fotini

Fotini Kaimaki was born in Athens and studied classical literature and history at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens. He taught in the public Middle Education and for the last 23 years he has been studying with passion the Greek culture of Lower Italy.

Her research in Calabria and Salento (Apulia) resulted in the publication of the volume "HELLOPHONE CALABRIA" (MILITOS Publications 2003, 400 pages with 340 photographs and 90 poems inspired by Calabria) and the volume "The Greece of Salento" ( MILITOS Publications 2008, 600 pages with 800 photos documents).

The author has given many lectures in museums of Greece and places of art and culture, while she also created a musical group of her students, which gave concerts with songs in the Greek language of Apulia and Calabria.

She has taken part with her presentations in two international conferences in Lower Italy, in Lecce in 2000 with the topic "Athens 1896: The lecture of Vito Palumbo and the dangers for the Greek-speaking culture" and in Corigliano in 2005 with the topic "The Greek-named Salento ».

In 2016, a book was published by the Regional Directorate of Education of Apulia in Greek and Italian for the schools of Grecia Salentina entitled "Greece and Salentina Greece between past and present", in which Fotini Kaimaki was invited and she wrote a chapter with title "From Greece to Salentine Greece".

In 2007, her collection of 50 poems was published with the title "Hail the language" by "Print" (Gutenberg) publications.

In 2012-13, the Byzantine Museum hosted its exhibition on "Byzantine Salento through the lens of Fotina Kaimaki" for four months in the building of the Duchess of Placentia.

He is a member of the Hellenic Photographic Society with national and international distinctions.

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