Kaiti Koullia

Kaiti Koullia was born and raised in Kalymnos. He studied kindergarten at the Pedagogical Department of the University of Athens. From the first years of her stay in Athens, she joined the music department of the University and participated in several musical performances where she distinguished herself and was awarded a scholarship.

This is followed by collaborations with Yiannis Voglis in musical-theatrical performances, Mariza Koch, Chroni Aidonidis, Giorgos Dalara, Lavrentis Mahairitsa, Panteli Thalassino, ChristosTsiamoulis, Orfea Peridis, Dimitra Galani, Glykeria etc. in appearances and concerts in Greece, Cyprus, Germany, France, Belgium, Ukraine, the United States and Australia. In 2001 he was awarded the 3rd prize at the festival of Traditional music from around the world in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

Since 2004 he has been studying at the National Conservatory, at the School of Contemporary Greek Song. He participates in music and dance performances in Greece and abroad.

Since 2010, he presents children's shows in schools, such as the plays "Musical Pomegranate" and "Songs from the Deep", and organizes children's music and dance performances in schools. He presents seminars on teaching rebetik and traditional singing. She is in charge of a traditional singing choir in Athens.

He has also participated in performances at the Theater of Herodes of Atticus, the Concert Hall of Athens and Thessaloniki. She has 10 personal records to her credit, as well as many participations in other creators' productions.

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