Koumarianos p. Pavlos

Fr. Pavlos Koumarianos was born and raised in Athens. He studied Theology at the University of Athens. He did Master's studies and a Doctoral Thesis - with a grade of "Excellent" - at the Pontifical Institute of Oriental Studies in Rome, specializing in the History and Theology of the Worship of the Eastern Churches, and then did a Post-Doctoral Study at the Institute of Messianic Studies of the University of Todo. He initially taught in Secondary Education in Greece, at the College of Athens in Psychiko, and after completing his Master's studies he taught at Roman Catholic Universities in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, Canada as well as at the Orthodox Theological Academy of Toronto. He was elected Assistant Professor at the Theological School of the Holy Cross in Boston, where he taught for one year only, since health reasons forced him to return to Greece. He is a founding member of the International Society for the Study of Eastern Worship, which is led by the internationally renowned liturgist Robert Taft. He has published dozens of articles in Greek and foreign magazines about the history and theology of Orthodox Worship. Today he teaches at the City University in Athens. He is a married Clergyman, father of 6 children and as a Priest he served in Orthodox communities in Greece, Italy, Canada and the USA.