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The projection of the biography of Saint Cyril of Paros for us Agioreites, and not the Vatopedians, is also a responsible act. In the Holy Land, Saint Cyril received the solitary cure, and was taught the practice, the "mother of sanctification", which characterized the rest of his life. That is why he was accompanied by the epithet "the ascetic". He studied at the Athoniada School, which is located on the adjacent hill of the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi. [From the foreword of the book]

[...] from the Kollyvadas were among the old learned Fathers Makarios of Corinth, Notaras, Saint honored, Athanasios the Parian and Nicodemus the polygraphist, Cyril, Elias, Arsenios and other virtuous Fathers. [Al. Papadiamanti, Apanta, vol. 5, p. 330]

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