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"Life for what?" it is a business of rescue, but not of complacency, a business of support, but not of irresponsible acceptance of life, it is an information business that hopes to open all the paths of an authentic change of lifestyle. The starting point for the multidimensional development of his subject matter is the reflection, "what is life for?". And because the answer is not simple, we attempted a synthesis both theoretical and empirical, through clinical observation, research and personal contact. What we seek to highlight, through practical applications, is the meaning of life. We see that everyone searches and searches for this meaning, which does not seem to be an arbitrary definition, far and outside the one who means it. What clearly emerges from the observation and analysis of the data is that the meaning differs from personality to personality, from person to person, from day to day and from stage of development to stage of development, both individual and collective life. Life for what? Both through individual dilemmas, as well as through socio-marital and family adaptations, it highlights the meaning that can arise through a systematically and discriminatingly organized change. Therefore, he claims the postulate that meaning does not kill itself, as long as we seek it through a new choice.

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