Costa de Borgar p. Marcos-Antonio

Fr. Marcos-Antonios Costa De Borgar comes from a French aristocratic family with Italian roots. He was born in 1947 to Roman Catholic parents, but in 1972, through a trip to Romania, he met Orthodoxy, to which he converted with his wife a year later. In 1977 he became an Orthodox priest of the Romanian Church.
He has studied classics and holds a doctorate in Byzantine history (1983). He also began doctoral studies in dogmatic theology, alongside Father Dimitrios Staniloae, with whom he studied for ten years (1980-1990). He was finally awarded his doctorate by the theological school of Aghios Sergios in 2010.
He served in the secondary education of France until 2007.
Today he is the priest of the Orthodox parish of Saint-Germain-et-saint-Cloud (Louveciennes) of the Orthodox Romanian Metropolis in France, as well as the head of the direction of Patrological Studies "Saint Maximus the Confessor", of the Orthodox Center for Studies and Research "fr. Dimitrios Staniloae".

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