Lappa Alexis

Alexis Lappas lives and works in Thessaloniki as a Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatrist. He specialized in Psychiatry and obtained Psychotherapeutic training in Great Britain and Greece. Since 2007 he has been a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
His clinical practice and theory was formed through the process of meeting mainly with Deborah Hutchinson and Zaida Hall (training in psychodynamic psychotherapy), Miranda Passey (infant observation) and in the Greek area with the child psychiatrists Fr. Vasilios Thermos, Dimitris and Eleni Karagiannis and Dimitris Kyriazis. In August 2016, together with his wife Andronikis Dragou, he founded the "ProsOpsi" Mental Health Institute.
Alexis Lappas supports the dissemination and utilization of the tool of existential psychotherapy selectively by children and adults in the Greek reality but also internationally, building bridges of communication and re-education. In his clinical work he moves mainly towards the understanding and treatment of the human person through the relationships that co-shaped it and that co-shapes it. He works for the deinstitutionalization of children without families and is the scientific manager at the Greek Children's Village in Filiro. He is concerned with the meeting of the sciences of the psyche with Existence and religiosity and is a member of the advisory group of the scientific journal "Soul Paths". Through teacher training and stand-up presentations to raise student awareness, it highlights the therapeutic potential in the relationship between a child and the educational process.
He edited and participated in the collective volume "To Dream To Live" (En plo publications).

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