Lazarini Akrivi - Spyrou Elisavetv

Akrivi Lazarini is a kindergarten teacher, with a master's degree in Special Education, with participation in environmental education seminars and has translations, editing of scientific texts and children's books to her credit.

Elisavet Spyrou is a kindergarten teacher, with many years of experience in private and public kindergartens and mainly in conducting environmental programs in collaboration with the University of the Aegean. He has participated in numerous seminars on the environment and sustainable development and is a member of the writing team for the creation of educational packages of the Environmental Education Council of the Hellenic Society for Cultural Heritage and the Environment.
For the last four years, they have been working together at the 2nd Kindergarten of Kalyvia, and are undertaking environmental education programs, aiming to raise the awareness of their young students in matters of environmental protection, creating the bases on which the children will rely to become environmentally and ecologically conscious citizens .