Lambrinidis Antonis

Antonis Lambrinidis is an honorary school counselor. He served in public education for 35 years as a teacher, as a school counselor and as a writer at the Center for Educational Studies and the Pedagogical Institute of the Ministry of Education. Education. He was born in Exohori, Messinia, graduated from the Maraslio Pedagogical Academy of Athens and completed three years of postgraduate studies in Pedagogy, as a state scholarship, taking the first place in the order of success. He attended courses with Dreikurs and Vandevelde, experimented with new teaching methods and received the 63255/79 Patent Diploma with Commendation. Conducted educational etc. studies, research, lectures, seminars and is a member of literary and scientific societies. He published 87 of his books, (: 42 literary, 35 school, 10 for teachers or parents, many articles). As a member of the editorial team of the Ministry of of Education (1982-90), participated in the writing of the state textbooks for the student and the teacher and in the compilation of the elementary school curricula. He was involved in quality children's literature and was honored with 30 Panhellenic or international Literary Awards and Praises for prose and poetry from the Parnassos Philological Association, the Department of Letters and Arts of the Ministry of Education, Literary Associations and a GOLD MEDAL "for his contribution to the research of art and of science" by the "World Organization for Progress & Culture" with Western Michigan University professor T. Argyropoulos as President. He has a wife who is a teacher, a daughter who is a philologist and a granddaughter who is a student.

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