Liam Ilias

Ilias Liamis was born in Athens. He studied at the Theological School of the University of Athens. He attended postgraduate studies at the Ecumenical Institute of Bossey. He continued his studies at the University of Oxford, where he began the preparation of his doctoral thesis. In 2002, he was awarded a doctorate by the Theological School of the University of Athens in the field of Neptic Theology. Immediately after, you were accepted as a PhD candidate in the Department of Musicology of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens on the topic of modern music education methods. In parallel with his theological studies, he obtained his degrees in piano and advanced theories (harmony, counterpoint and fugue) from the Hellenic Conservatory, while he attended postgraduate courses in musicology and choir and orchestra conducting in England and Hungary. He was appointed by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece as a member of the General Committee for the Celebration of the Jubilee Year (1998), a member of the Olympic Games Synodal Committee (2003), while since 2000 he has been a member of the Synodal Committee for the Christian Education of Youth and President of the Synodal Subcommittee on Artists Events. In this last capacity, he organized numerous events and conferences in Greece and abroad. He is the president and founding member of the Research Foundation for Culture and Education (E.I.P.E.) which prepares Greek and European programs for the dissemination of Greek culture and the Greek language. He is a permanent partner of the Youth Office of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens and the Holy Metropolis of Dimitrias, while he systematically participates in Parenting Schools and catechetical training seminars of many Holy Metropolises. He has been teaching for 25 years at the Hellenic-French School "St Joseph", as a professor of theology and musician, while from 2000 to 2015 he held the position of Deputy Principal of the High School. He undertook the reorganization of the School's children's choir, which participated in numerous events. He is the author of books, didactic aids and theatrical performances, which have been presented at the Athens Concert Hall, at the "Michalis Kakogiannis" Foundation, at the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, etc. He writes articles systematically, while, for twenty-five years, he is also a producer of radio broadcasts on the analysis of Biblical and patristic theology issues in relation to modern reality.
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