Reissue of the emblematic book by P. M. Sotirchos on the occasion of the anniversary of May 29

Sotirchos M. Panagiotis

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It was one of the worst hours in world history in brutality and savagery. Not only one city was destroyed, even the largest and most civilized. An entire civilization was crushed, an empire that held on its backs, like a younger atlas, the civilization of true Christianity, where Faith becomes Life. After the conquest and fall of Vasilevousa, the Middle Ages rushed everywhere, with its evil, dark form, and the centuries of atheism rolled by, which still continue...
People and things were slaughtered, sold, destroyed, dispersed in the Eastern Orthodox Kingdom. But the seed remained deep in the blood-soaked soil, to bloom and germinate "again with years, with times" and to give the good witness of one Faith, under the light of our Eternal Protectress Theotokos and to continue her Calvary in Christ of life, which has not been extinguished and will not be extinguished in the ages...

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Αριθμός σελίδων: 320

Διαστάσεις: 14 X 19

ISBN: 978-960-619-141-1

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