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I will try here briefly to say why, without Pikionis, the place became poorer.

Today, when the Greek wheel - if we imagine this image - lost almost all of its spokes or spokes and folded at the central point, at the tegili of the wheel, the difficulties for some self-knowledge and the development, on top of this self-knowledge, of some new civilization multiplied so much so that it slips through our hands, not only the chimera (whose business it is always to slip), but still more the realization of a similar prospect.

And that can't be a very good sign without necessarily being a sign of despair. [...] (From the edition)


The architect Dimitris Pikionis - A'

The architect Dimitris Pikionis - II

Socrates Kougeas and middle Greece

Palimpsest of Homer

Ancient critics

"Theseus" by Andre Zid

TS Eliot

A quatrain by Heilderlin


Measurements: Trisagio to three poets

From Pisa to Athens: The case of Pound

Tribute to EA Blair

Two texts

Pavlos Valery and the arguments of logic

Wittgenstein's Tractatus and "the soothsayer . . ."

The Autobiographies (Autobiographisches) of a great (1879 - 1955)


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