Ludovikos p. Nikolaos

Father Nikolaos Ludovikos studied Psychology, Pedagogy, Theology and Philosophy in Athens, Thessaloniki, Paris and Cambridge. He worked at the Tyndale House Center for Early Christianity, Cambridge, and taught or gave lectures and seminars at the School of Theology, as well as the Center for Advanced Religious and Theological Studies of the University of Cambridge and the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, as well as at other Universities between of which the Universities of Durham, Wales, Winchester, Moscow, Berlin, Graz, St Serge, Princeton, Torino, Padova, Belgrade, Sofia, Veliko Turnovo, Alba Iulia, Balamand. Today he is a Professor of Doctrine and Philosophy at the Supreme Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki, of which he was President and Director of Priestly and Theological Studies. He is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Balamand, the Orthodox Institute of Cambridge, as well as a researcher at the University of Winchester. He directs the English-language international academic journal Analogia: the Pemptousia Journal for Theological Studies.
His books and articles have been translated into ten languages.